How Do I Make My Electrical System Green?

There are many ways to make your electrical system green. Many people don't realize it, but over half of the electricity on earth is wasted and not used. 95% of our power comes from burning coal and natural gas, which pollutes the air and has a negative impact on the environment. This guide will give you some of the best ways to make your electrical system more green.

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Reduce Your Energy Usage

There are many ways to reduce your energy usage, which can save you $200 a year on average. The first is by unplugging appliances that aren't being used, such as cell phone chargers, microwaves and other larger appliances. Even when they're turned off, they continue to drain electricity from your outlets! Another way to reduce your energy usage is by replacing old appliances that run very inefficiently. The last way is to simply buy appliances that consume less electricity.

Install Solar Panels

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make your electrical system green is to install solar panels. Solar panels reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 2 tons every year. This means that over 20 years we could make a 10 ton difference in emissions, which is equivalent to planting 5,000 trees or taking 500 cars off the road! Solar panels can help make any home or business more green, but it will make the greatest impact if you live in a sunny area.

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Replace Old Lights and Appliances

Another way to make your electrical system more green is to install energy efficient appliances. A new fridge uses half the electricity as an older one, so it's worth replacing! Another way is to buy energy efficient light bulbs, which last 10 times longer than regular ones, saving you time and money. LED lights are the most effective, since they use 90% less energy than incandescent or CFL bulbs.

Modify Your Thermostat

Another way to make your electrical system green is by modifying your thermostat. The average home wastefully spends $200 on energy per year, and you can cut down your costs and energy usage with a few simple steps. There are several smart apps which you can use to adjust your thermostat from wherever you are, with your laptop or smartphone. This is really simple to do and can cut down your energy usage by 20%.

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There are many ways to make your electrical system green, including reducing energy usage, installing solar panels, buying energy efficient appliances and adjusting your thermostat. Stampede Electric is here to support you in electrical services for your home. Contact us today to get started!